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Pasta Picks
Served with garlic bread. All pasta cream sauces are made to order with
Cooper's Farm heavy cream.

Pasta Cordon Bleu
Fried chicken tenderloins, diced ham and Swiss cheese tossed with penne in our cream Alfredo sauce - 16.99

Buffalo Chicken Pasta
Spicy fried chicken tenders, tossed with penne pasta in a gorgonzola cream sauce - 16.99

Grecian Scampi
Sauteed chicken*, fresh tomatoes, spinach, black olives and feta cheese tossed with spaghetti in a garlic and wine sauce - 16.99

Chicken Marsala 
Lightly pan fried chicken simmered in a classic marsala sauce with mushrooms. Served over pasta - 16.99

Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo
Sauteed chicken*, fresh broccoli florets and penne tossed in our own creamy Alfredo sauce - 16.99

Cheese Lasagna 
Layers upon layers of cheesy comfort food served with a meatball - 13.99

Cajun Salmon Tortellini 
Tortellini tossed in our Alfredo sauce, topped with a half pound of Cajun seasoned and grilled salmon - 17.99

Seafood Alfredo 
Haddock, scallops, and shrimp sauteed with spinach and roasted red peppers, tossed with pasta in our Alfredo sauce - 20.99 

Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese 
"You will be talking about this one tomorrow!"  Creamiest, cheesiest mac & cheese tossed with pulled pork and BBQ sauce, finished in the oven with buttery crumbs - 17.99

Veggie Scampi
All the veggies we have (green peppers, onions, mushrooms, asparagus, spinach, roasted red peppers, tomatoes and broccoli) Sauteed in a garlic and wine sauce. Served over pasta - 12.99

Classic Chicken Parmesan
Fresh, hand-breaded tenders, topped with marinara and mozzarella cheese, served over pasta - 15.99 

Pasta and Meatballs 
Three large homemade meatballs on a bed of pasta - 13.99

*Substitute shrimp for chicken, additional 3.00

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